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Inbound Marketing

The most successful inbound marketing campaigns have three main components; it empowers marketers to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers.

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I built my first web site in 1996. In those days I just needed to update a meta keyword tag in order to have a site rank highly in the search engines. Today’s search engine algorithms are very sophisticated and you’ve got to have deep knowledge and well-honed skills to win at SEO. SEO is [...]

When we launched our sports network, we faced the same question you that startups face everyday: “How so I drive traffic to my website?” Sports is as highly competitive online as it is offline. Like you, we were focused on getting noticed by our ideal customers within a crowded and fiercely competitive environment. In sports, [...]

When a client says that they want to generate more leads, sales, revenue from their website, the most common tactic is to focus on increasing traffic, whether that is through increasing the PPC and/or social media budgets or adding more content in order to attract more organic search traffic. One option that is often overlooked [...]

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, there are really only two options: pay-per-click (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO). While there are other online marketing channels (social, email, and display), SEO and PPC are likelier to drive large numbers of highly qualified visitors to your website. Of SEO and PPC, which is [...]

How Has Google’s Ad Change Impacted You?

Last month Google shocked advertisers when it announced that it would no longer show ads along the right hand side of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Ad spots 5-9 that used to show on the right rail will now show at the bottom of the SERPs, underneath the final organic results. For many small businesses [...]

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

This May has been the month of audits as almost every project I have worked on this month seems to involve some sort of audit (content audits, page audits, landing page audits, etc.). My auditing procedure begins with gathering the data I need—analytics, keywords, conversion rates, etc. Additionally, I ask clients for four pieces of [...]

When we launched our sports network, we faced the same question you face everyday: “How can I drive more traffic to my website?” Sports is as competitive online as it is offline. The online world of sports encompasses teams, leagues, major publications, TV networks, and tens of millions of fans worldwide writing about their team [...]

I was surprised by an article on eMarketer recently titled “Do Marketers Rely on Instinct Over ROI?” (http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Do-Marketers-Rely-on-Instinct-Over-ROI/1012098). According to a November 2014 study by Webmarketing123, marketers are still struggling to measure return on investment (ROI). The report found that 33% of US business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing professionals still don’t know which channels make [...]

What Are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

The Market research firm MarketsandMarkets estimated that $3.65 billion was spent on marketing automation software worldwide in 2014, and that number is expected to grow to $5.5 billion in 2019. But what is marketing automation and what are the benefits of using it? According to Google, marketing automation includes: software platforms and technologies designed for [...]

How Is Advertising Different From Marketing?

I had an interesting conversation with a business owner the other day and he made the point that business owners in his market often did not distinguish between advertising and marketing. This is not a new topic. I found a Businessweek article from 2003 titled Advertising vs. Marketing asking the same question. So what is [...]