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Changes In How We Look At Search Results

Ever since Mediative’s 2005 eye-tracking study which found that search engine users focus their attention most intently on the “Golden Triangle” (the top-left corner of a SERP), SEO specialists have strategized to elevate content to that top-of-the-page peak.

However, recently, Mediative has found that Internet users’ eye behavior has altered in the last nine years. Today’s consumers, accustomed to thumb-scrolling on smart phones, now scan more vertically than horizontally, meaning that the “Golden Triangle” has lost some of its gleam.


While the top organic result still captures about the same amount of click activity (32.8%) as it did in 2005 (32.3%), the top result is no longer viewed by as many people or for as long. On the other hand, other top search engine results that are “above the fold” are accruing more attention; results positioned in the 2nd-4th slots receive a significantly higher number of clicks than in 2005 (62.6% up from 47.8%), and now almost two-thirds of all traffic occurs from top four rankings demonstrating the importance of a strong SEO strategy.


In 2005, searchers spent an average of just under 2 seconds viewing each SERP. Mediative’s latest study shows that in 2014, the attention of users has dropped to 1.17 seconds meaning that marketers have hardly more than a second to capture the attention of swift-browsing consumers.

Being “above the fold” with enticing title tags and strong SEO strategies are necessary to take your business to the next level where the user clicks you first.

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