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Excited About Alpha Loft’s Startup Fundamentals Course

Startup FundamentalsLast week I received the exciting news that I had been accepted in Alpha Loft’s Startup Fundamentals Course. For those who are not familiar with Alpha Loft, they are dedicated to accelerating the development of early-stage, scalable businesses in New Hampshire.

According to the syllabus, the startup fundamentals course will:

“teach New Hampshire entrepreneurs core concepts about startup business fundamentals, creating your initial product, and the startup ecosystem.”

This is a ten week course and week one is focused on:

  • Startup Life Cycle: An overview of the startup world and all of its aspects and components
  • Financing Options: All aspects of bootstrapping, early stage financing, including debt instruments, equity financing, angel financing, crowd-sourced funding, and venture capital

Despite being on my third iteration of our company, a quick look at the assignments for week one made me realize how little I knew about startup business fundamentals, something that makes me excited and a little nervous. I thought that I would be able to “ease” into the course, but that will not be the case as I realized how little I knew.

As I go on this journey through the course I will strive to keep you updated with my thoughts, feelings and learnings.


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