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Four Reasons Why SEO Is Something You Do—Not Something You Did


An interesting topic came up during a conference call when a business owner remarked that he did not need help with SEO as he “did that” a couple of years ago.

As I told the business owner—SEO, like any inbound marketing tactic, is not something that you do for a period of time and then turn off. SEO tactics are ones that you continuously execute, monitor, and improve over time.

This chart from a post by Cyrus Shepard on the Moz blog titled SEO Myths shows exactly why SEO must be an ongoing investment:

Without an ongoing SEO strategy, organic search traffic will degrade over time—meaning that the sales earned through organic traffic will also suffer as a result of
neglecting SEO.

Four Major Reasons SEO Needs to Be an Ongoing Strategy:

1: Mobile Algorithms
In January, Google began sending mass notifications to webmasters who have websites that were not mobile-friendly in Google’s eyes. These notifications decreed that those sites with critical mobile usability errors would be “displayed and ranked appropriately” for smartphone users.

The notification from Google is a clear sign that they are getting ready to launch a new mobile ranking algorithm. And when they do, will your website be considered mobile friendly?

Many are not. According to a on January 2015 study by Regalix, >, just one-fifth (21%) of respondents said that they had an exclusive mobile content marketing strategy—meaning nearly 80% are neglecting a mobile market that is only going to get bigger.

This chart from Statista shows the projected global smartphone shipment growth. The rate of forecasted increase illustrates just how much of a necessity having a mobile-friendly website is and how important it will continue to be.

2: Google Changes
Google makes an estimated 500-600 changes to its algorithm each year. That is almost two per day!

Many of these changes go unnoticed by users and business owners, but some like Florida, Places, Panda, and Penguin fundamentally change how Google ranks websites and displays those listings.

A good SEO program navigates a client through the changing environment, insuring that the client is positioned to take advantage of changes in search engine algorithms so that the client can grab more traffic, leads, and sales via their website.

3: Link Degradation
The third reason why you need an ongoing SEO campaign is because of link erosion (aka link rot). According to a report from the Chesapeake Digital Preservation Group, over a five year period (2008-2013), 44% of the URLs they monitored disappeared.

Their data showed that 256 out of 579 URLs in the sample no longer provide access to the content that was originally selected, captured, and archived by the Chesapeake Group. In other words, within six years, 44.2% of the links returned a 404 error.

Narrowing it to the last two years (2012-14) that link erosion was 19.85%, meaning that one in five links in existence on January 1st of 2012 were no longer active on January 1st of 2014.

If you have neglected your links in two years, the odds are high that at least 20% of your links have atrophied or disappeared. That change is enough to make you fall from a high ranking on Google to page three, four, or five—where nobody will see you.

That is why great SEO programs include active link building so that you can continually add new links to replace the ones that have eroded.

4. Changing Environments
Has your industry became more green over the last two or three years? Are your customers consuming more information via video than they were two years ago? Is there a new online competitor vying against you for your key terms? Like Google, consumer behavior and competitors are constantly changing. That’s why a good SEO program stays on top of changes in search behavior and competitors and adapts.

In Conclusion:
Great SEO is an activity that is constantly evolving with a dependency on the changes in searcher behavior, search engine updates, and competitor moves.

Companies that view SEO as something they did will see their search engine visibility and traffic erode over time, but companies that engage in ongoing SEO will see increased visibility, traffic, leads, and sales from their website.

SEO, like any marketing effort, provides the best results when it is ongoing. It is a strategy that changes and evolves as the company, audience, market, and search engines change.

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