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Hubspot New Hampshire Meetup on Content Development

On Wednesday night I attended the HubSpot Portsmouth User Group Meetup on content and how, and why, it helps your marketing and sales efforts. Three speakers, Shannon Johnson, Lou Bortone and Adam Zais did a terrific job sharing and educating the audience.

Here are some of my key takeaways from the presentations:

Shannon Johnson – Hubspot
Shannon is a content strategist at HubSpot and spoke about their content engine and how HubSpot decides what content to write about.

I was fascinated to learn that Hubspot’s editorial calendar is only a month ahead. They have just finished putting their June calendar together. So many content people talk about the need for six-month or 12-month editorial calendars, which can be overwhelming for many small and mid-sized businesses. To hear that one of the biggest content producers in the B2B market is looking only a month ahead was eye opening.

HubSpot’s goal is to solve problems for marketers and their most used Call To Action is a downloadable e-book. So I found it interesting to hear that checklists can actually outperform e-books because they are easier for people to digest and know what actions to take.

Lou Bortone – loubortone.com
Lou spoke about producing video and how companies need to think of themselves as a TV network, and produce a steady stream of video content that can be repackaged and distributed across the different social platforms.

One of his key points was that people’s biggest reluctance to producing video is getting in front of the camera. So he offered several options for how you can overcome that obstacle  by using tools to produce video content without actually appearing in it. Those tools included:

Adam Zais – One Mighty Roar
Adam gave an amazing talk on what makes a great video. Some of the components of a great video are:

  • Good Sound
  • Good Lightning
  • Good Editing/Pacing
  • Good Music (custom music outperforms stock music)
  • Good Mobile Experience
  • Good Navigation – provide navigational clues for videos over 3 minutes
  • Good Story – This is not easy. Create stories about what questions people are asking or problems they are having