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Impact From Google Mobile Update Already Being Seen

I wrote last week about Google mobile algorithm update, which is scheduled to be rolled out on April 21. Well it appears that the update is being deployed early, and that the impact is already being felt.

Google has been telling website owners via it Webmaster Tools portal that their site was not mobile friendly and that :

“These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users.”

We now we know what that display looks like. A search for “Hotels Manchester NH” on my phone brings up the following result:


While a search for “Pizza Manchester NH” brings up this results page:


Note that the top result both have a mobile friendly notification. While we are still seeing none mobile friendly sites rank highly, the mobile friendly notification is already having a significant impact on website traffic as can be seen from this Google Analytics report .



The data is comparing website traffic from April 1 – 6 with March 1-6. Note that mobile traffic is up over 50% and traffic from tablets is up 13%. In the last week, mobile traffic has driven almost 60% of the traffic to this website, which is a historic high.

Imagine what this report will look like in a couple of weeks when Google starts to rank sites “appropriately” for mobile searches.

April 21st will see the biggest Google update in more than a decade. Companies that do not have a mobile friendly site or a mobile strategy will find themselves left behind as website traffic from mobile devices will drop. To keep your site’s traffic from declining, contact us today about setting up a mobile strategy!