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Nine out of Ten Content Marketers Are Unsure about What They Are Measuring

I am flabbergasted at a recent Contently report that showed that over 90% of marketers expressed uncertainty about whether or not they are measuring the right thing when it comes to content marketing.

To flip that number on its head, just 9% of the 302 surveyed participants said that they were very confident that their key content metrics effectively measured business results.


So what metrics are marketers using that are making them so uncertain about their effectiveness? Before you can answer that question you need to know the marketing content goals of these marketers. Here we see the first mistake that a large number of marketers are making:


Almost three out of four marketers (73%) said that brand awareness is the main goal of their content marketing campaign. Lead generation came in second at 47% with thought leadership coming in third at 45%.

Stunning to me was the fact that out of the 302 surveyed participants, approximately 200 of them were B2B marketers. For brand awareness to dominate lead generation and for thought leadership to be so close to lead generation (47.08%) in the B2B space is unbelievable. No wonder so many marketers think they might be measuring the wrong metric. They are—because their goals are wrong; how is brand building and thought leadership adding more value to a B2B business over lead generation?

With these types of goals, it’s no surprise that these marketers are using the wrong metrics to measure their success.


Two-thirds of marketers report that they are using unique page views and social shares as metrics of success. To consider page views in 2014 as the number one measurement of a successful content marketing campaign is, to put it kindly, primitive. As for social shares, data from Chartbeat, shows that there is no direct correlation between sharing an article and having read it!

So the majority of marketers are using metrics designed for ad sales (page views/unique visitors) and proxy metrics (social shares and likes) that cannot be directly tied to business results. No wonder 91% of marketers expressed a lack of confidence in their content metrics delivering business results!

What are you using to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign? Are you confident in your metrics?

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