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Organic Search Offers Highest ROI In B2B Market

search engine optimizationThe latest data from BrightEdge demonstrates that organic search is the top driver of revenues in the business services market, accounting for 55% of all website revenues.

Interestingly, social media barely plays a role driving revenue. Responsible for just 1% of site revenues in the hospitality, retail, and media and entertainment industries, and 0% in the business services and technology/internet markets, social media pales to organic search. It’s obvious from the BrightEdge data, that in the business services market, all non-organic search channels combined (paid search, social, display, email, and referred) do not stack up to the impact that a good organic search campaign will have.


While four out of five marketers use social media to promote content, the BrightEdge data suggests that if marketers want to squeeze the most value out of content marketing, they should focus on the digital marketing channels that will offer the most bang for their buck, and in the B2B field, that channel is organic.

What does this mean for business owners and directors of sales and marketing?

As you are starting to meet and prepare your digital marketing budgets for 2015, you should consider that when it comes to driving ROI, reports and studies consistently reveal that organic search offers the best ROI of any marketing channel.


Source: The 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report, Hubspot.

SEO on average is 12% of a typical marketing budget but generates 14% of leads. PPC, on the other hand, is generating only 6% of leads, despite having 8% of the marketing budget. If you are spending more of your marketing budget on PPC than SEO then your lead generation program is missing out.

SEO continues to deliver the best ROI of any inbound marketing channel. It’s worth more attention from marketers. Don’t let the idea that SEO is hard keep you from excelling online.

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image source: eMarketer