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Reports of the Death of SEO—Greatly Exaggerated

search engine optimizationWhat do Mark Twain and SEO have in common? Reports of both of their deaths have been greatly and prematurely exaggerated. That I have concluded after reading the latest report from BrightEdge, which shows that organic search drove 51% of website traffic referrals worldwide during June and July 2014. Display, email, and referred search rank second, with 34% of referrals and paid search third (10%), and social media last (5%).

The amount of organic search traffic varies by industry, with a remarkable 73% of all traffic in the B2B space attributed to organic search. In the hospitality, media and entertainment, technology and Internet markets, organic search accounts for around 50% of all traffic. The only industry where organic search accounts for less than 50% of all traffic is in retail with 42%. But even in retail, organic search is still the dominant source of traffic.


What does this mean for you?

Reports and studies consistently show that when it comes to driving Internet users to a website, nothing beats organic search. That’s why good SEO is about getting your content in front of your target audience and presenting it in a way that they expect. Good SEO is a result of a solid understanding of a client’s business model, a tight SEO strategy, comprehensive keyword research and development, technical expertise and a methodical implementation of the strategy over time. It takes time, experience, and integrity.

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image source: eMarketer