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SEO Continues To Be Best Marketing Channel For Both B2B And B2C

New data from  Conductor shows that the online channel that  drives the most visitors is organic search.

“Visitors from organic search are 2X more likely to be extremely engaged and visits more than five pages when compared to the other channels,” states Conductor.

The big question any business owner, or VP of Marketing asks when you show them traffic data, is how many customers did i get and where did they come from? So, which marketing channel results in the most customers?

  • For B2B, social (14%) and search (14%) are the most effective marketing channels for lead generation. Email at 13% is just behind while PPC at 6% lags far behind the other channels.
  • For e-commerce and B2C, organic search (18%) is the most effective channel, with PPC at 10% coming in second. Email is third at 7% and social is fourth at 1%.


It is really interesting to see how the different markets (B2B and B2C) respond to different marketing channels. In B2B marketing, social is very important, while PPC significantly underperformed compared to the other channels for reaching new customers.

But in the B2C world, PPC is much more effective, while social is a really ineffective channel to get new customers, according to Conductor.