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The Seven Components Of A Website That Is A Dynamic Marketing Tool (WDMT)

During an introductory meeting with a business owner last week, one of the topics that we discussed were the components of a website as a dynamic marketing tool. It is a topic that I thought was worth further exploring in today’s blog post.

A Very Good Domain Name.
Getting a good domain name is getting harder and harder with more and more companies resorting to .US, .Biz or hyphenated names. Don’t. The .com is still the premium extension and will continue to be. Don’t cheapen your brand by getting a secondary URL.

A Visually Appealing Website
According to 2013 Harvard study it takes users no more than a split second (50 to 500 milliseconds) to form an opinion about your website. The same study showed that websites that are perceived as great looking are also perceived as usable and trustworthy

Editorial Calendar
Nothing works better than an editorial calendar to keep everyone on track about what content needs to be produced and when. We set up quarterly editorial calendar meetings with clients so that we can bring in analytics from the previous quarter to see what types of content best resonated with the target audiences.

Great Content
The best content tells a story. It is well written, engaging to the ideal customer, and optimized so customers will see it

Calls To Action
Calls to Action (CTA) have to be visible, simple to fulfill and measurable. Top performing websites are constantly working on conversion optimization to continually improve the performance of their landing pages and CTAs.

Marketing Automation
The more successful WDMT websites have a system for nurturing relationships with customers and people who are interested but are not ready to purchase. Marketing automation provides a path to walk prospective down until they turn into customers.

SMART Metrics
What is the goal of the website? Is it to increase leads, revenue, sales, registrations? Sites need a clearly stated goal that Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Reliable and Timely that everyone understands and is working towards.

Social Media Tie In
Your customers are spread out across the net on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. That means that the content you develop is portable and can be easily shared across these different platforms.