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The Key To Successful Link Building

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-backlinks-image-hand-holding-marker-write-word-isolated-white-image47073882Irregular and inconsistent linking strategies prove problematic for many websites.

As I recently wrote in my blog post “The $95,000 Linking Mistake,” neglecting links can have serious, financial consequences. For our sports website, it meant a $95,000 drop in revenue. As I also mentioned in the blog post, Chesapeake Digital Preservation Group found that between 2012 and 2014 19.85% of links that they had been monitoring had disappeared. These missing links did not lead to low quality websites either. In 2013, more than 50% of the links to .gov domains had disappeared from the original, documented web addresses—showing that the quality of web addresses does not insure lasting links.

How do you prevent link erosion like this within your own website?

The key here is a transparent, high authority, high relevance, systematic link building program.

Braveheart Digital Marketing’s New Link Building Service

We have all received emails from companies offering 50 links to article sites and 50 low value directories for under $100 a month. Like most unsolicited email offers, these offers fail to provide satisfying results; because of the low quality of their services and link building techniques, these companies only hurt your Google rankings and traffic rather than enhance them.

One of the things that differentiates Braveheart Digital Marketing’s new link building program from other programs is the way we communicate:

  • We offer you open communication about which specific websites we target to acquire links from. That way before we contact anyone, you know exactly what type of high value, high authority websites we’re targeting for you.
  • We still use the telephone. Our experience demonstrates that calling third party sites is much more effective than shooting emails. That’s why when we reach out to high authority websites, we email and call them to introduce your website to them and see if they are interested in linking to the resource information on your site. Calling third party sites shows the difference between targeting high value links and low value links. Low value sites don’t have contact information on them; whereas, high value sites have staff and departments. They also have targeted website traffic because their audience and our client’s targeted audience have similarities. With the help from these third party sites, your organic search engine traffic and referral traffic increases.
  • We send you timely updates. On a monthly or quarterly basis, you will receive a spreadsheet of all the sites we contacted, who we contacted, and the results of those contacts.

A final major difference between a transparent, high authority, high relevance, systematic link building program like ours and a low value one is volume. Low value linking programs always focus on volume. They promise X backlinks per month without mentioning that the backlinks are of low quality and value.

Braveheart Digital Marketing does not let quality suffer in the name of quantity. We know that websites who add 5-10 high authority, high relevance links monthly drive more organic and referral traffic than those who don’t. We don’t believe in quantity without quality, and neither should you!

Call us today to increase your site’s traffic with our link building services!