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Three Reasons Why Your SEO and PPC Campaigns Should Work Together

Although I have recently written about the difference between search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) and four reasons why you shouldn’t rely solely on PPC to drive traffic to your website, that does not mean that you should never spend any money on PPC.

PPC is a great option if you need traffic immediately or if you have a clearly identified conversion event that you can send the traffic to. On its own, PPC can be very effective, and paired with SEO, PPC can be a traffic powerhouse.

The Benefits of an SEO and PPC Collaboration Include: 

1. More Traffic 

A 2012 study by Google found that organic search rankings benefitted from an accompanying paid ad:

 “On average, the incremental ad clicks percentage across verticals is 89%. This means that a full 89% of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused.”

That number (89%) was consistently high across verticals. The Google study shows that a business should not scale back the costs for PPC even if the business is ranking well in organic search. The sum is worth more than the actual individual parts. The ROI from PPC and SEO working together outweighs the cost of PPC alone. 

ppc and seo

2. More Real Estate = More Clicks

Dominating the search results page can really improve your overall online marketing performance. For example, look at this Google search results page for “Honda Car Manchester NH.”


While the Google search results page displays 509,000 searches for this phrase, Auto Fair Honda dominates the search with the top listings organically, paid, and local. With all of these listings appearing above the fold, a consumer would have to scroll down to NOT click on an Auto Fair listing.

 3. The Ability to Pretest Organic Keyword Strategy

One of the most commonly known benefits of PPC (as mentioned previously) is the ability to test keywords and quickly see actionable results. The immediacy of PPC makes it the perfect “testing lab” to determine if a particular keyword is going to drive conversions or not.

When you use PPC and SEO together, you don’t have to guess what keywords to target via your SEO campaign. Instead you can use the paid data to determine whether a new term is going to be profitable or not, thereby increasing the effectiveness and ROI of your SEO campaign.

Search engine optimization insures that your site is not only 100% optimized for search engines but also optimized to improve user experience on the site by providing relevant content. Pay-per-click is an advertising tool that allows you to reach people who are searching for services/products that are relevant to your organization. We strongly believe that the most effective SEO and PPC campaigns are when they work in tandem with each other.

Ready to combine SEO and PPC to increase your site’s traffic, leads, and revenue? Contact us today!