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SEO Website Audit

SEO Audit Loupe

Our SEO website audit will give you access to proven SEO strategies developed over 15 years of experience. An audit helps lay the foundation that successful SEO is built on.

SEO audit helps us uncover whether there is anything technical that is impacting how the search engines view your website.

For efficiency, we break our website auditing into three categories: Indexing, Audience Development and Authority.


Indexing is the first step to building success. By focusing on technical aspects that control how search engines view your site, we discover what might be preventing your site from accruing a larger audience.

Once we identify technical issues, we recommend tactics and techniques that make a measurable difference in the number of your site's visitors and page views.

Implementation of our recommendations will provide the strong foundation for the next category—audience development.

Audience Development

To insure proper audience development, we perform a comprehensive website analysis using propriety content auditing tools and manual review and comparison.

We focus on:

Implementation of our solutions will bring your website in line with the best practices of audience development which will lead to an increase in organic visitors and page views.


By performing a comprehensive review of the backlinks to your website, we will benchmark you against top competitors and identify opportunities to increase your quantity and quality of links to your website.

With the recent Panda and Penguin updates from Google, we have witnessed websites punished for their low quality backlinks. That's why a backlink audit is so important. It's a key component in increasing organic visitors and page views.

Because accessibility determines traffic and revenue, it is vital to make sure your site is performing at optimum levels. That's why an SEO website audit is the first step towards increasing your web traffic.

If you are interested in taking the next step with our Internet marketing services, contact us today!