Ipswitch B2B Case Study

Ipswitch Case Story

Ipswitch B2B Case Study



Ipswitch is a Software as a service (or SaaS) company based in Boston with locations and clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Ipswitch was running paid media campaigns in multiple continents and had websites in multiple languages.

What we did was align their sales and marketing efforts to reach the aggressive sales goals that they had set, while also building brand awareness and pipeline to support future growth.


Outspent by competitors with bigger marketing budgets we had to find ways to use the marketing budget smarter.


We started by conducting a technical SEO audit on the Ipswitch website, identifying fundamental issues that were preventing Google from properly crawling, indexing and ranking their content.

Once these foundational issues were fixed, we focused on growing organic traffic to the blog, building awareness that Ipswitch was a thought leader in the space. We used an AI platform to accelerate content research, creation, and optimization of existing posts.


PPC had been a integral component of the marketing team’s lead generation strategy, but analysis indicated that when looking at closed Won deals, that PPC was not performing as well as expected.

Using analytics we worked with the finance team, we determined which paid leads moved pipeline and revenue. We identified non-performing keywords from the global campaigns to optimize spend.

Some of the digital tactics we deployed at Ipswitch were:

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