We help clients increase revenue

Braveheart Digital Marketing helps companies acquire customers through SEO and PPC.

Social Media is the #1 channel used in marketing in 2022. 

According to the latest data, 8 in 10 companies are investing in social media marketing in 2022.

We develop strategies that put your content on the platforms that your customers use. 

A high-performing paid search marketing strategy is essential for a strong, integrated marketing campaign. As the online search environment becomes increasingly competitive, rankings and real estate gained through a well-planned paid search program are key to a strong online presence.

The paid search experts at Braveheart understand the vital role that paid search (PPC) ads play in a successful search engine marketing strategy.


Search engine optimization is the best source of sustainable traffic to your website because it delivers (1) high-quality traffic with intent to buy and (2) an increase in ROI over time. No digital marketing channel generates long-term traffic, leads, and sales better than SEO.

Don’t let the misconception that SEO is hard keep you from winning the online game. SEO continues to deliver the best ROI of any marketing channel.

What They Say About Us?

Here is small sampling of what other business leader are saying about Braveheart Digital Marketing two principals – David and Tammi Wilson.

David an expert in search engine marketing
VP Energy Company
Tammi is a brilliant, insightful and talented woman
Founder and CEO
David is in an expert in digital marketing and demand generation.
CEO Global Staffing Company
Tammi is collaborative, cooperative and a terrific leader who gets results.
CEO Advisor
David is the "all things digital" guru
Director Business Development
David is, by far, one of the best Marketing leaders I have ever met in my 12-year career.
Management Consultant

Why Use Braveheart Digital Marketing?

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