Are You One Piece of Content Away from Hitting It Big?

Are You One Piece of Content Away from Hitting It Big?

Recently, I was listening to an Ask Gary Vee Podcast(AskGaryVee), and Vaynerchuck made an interesting argument that most people/companies/brands are one piece of content away from hitting it big, from having something go viral.

What I found really fascinating was that Vaynerchuck (I am paraphrasing here) said that most people are not good enough to do that. Further, he added, that most of us are not willing to push the envelope on our content and that we settle for the same and true instead of making it personal and insightful.

In other words, we don’t allow narratives into our content. Stories get lost in the name of numbers and product information. I was recently talking to a prospective client about content marketing, and he remarked that his website was already producing content with hundreds of articles.

The problem was that the content was all product information. It was what everyone else in that industry was doing. It wasn’t personable or personal. There was no story. Nobody could relate to it.


Don’t Hesitate. Tell Your Stories.

When I started writing, my copywriter would edit my posts and ask me the same questions: “Why does this matter to me?” and “Why should I care?”

The questions made me realize that I had to stop writing about SEO and inbound marketing in the abstract and instead make it personal to the reader. While talking about increasing website traffic, linking, and buyer personas, I started to include stories about tactics that worked and strategies that didn’t.

The change in my blogging strategy appears to be working; when I review my Google Analytics report for the last six months, my most read post is “My $95,000 Linking Mistake”.  The blog post features an anecdote of human error (which is relatable) and learning from that error (which is progress), and it has a title that hooks and a story that interests.

How Can You Add Storytelling into Your Blog Posts and Content Development?

I focus on the fact that my readers are real people with online marketing questions and/or problems. I try not to focus on selling a product or service but on helping them by solving a problem for them.

If you’re looking for a content marketing agency that can help you achieve your business goals, contact Braveheart Digital Marketing today. We’ll be happy to discuss your content needs and provide a content strategy that aligns with your overall business goals.


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