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Instagram Tactics: Most Brands On Instagram Post Content Daily

Some interesting data from L2 Think Tank about how often brands are publishing content across social networks.

While brands publish the most often on Snapchat, Instagram is the social network of choice for brands with more than three-quarters of them posting at least once a day on Instagram.

brand post by social network

Brands Worldwide that Post Content Daily on Social Media, by Platform, Oct 1-16, 2015 (average posts per day and % of brands tracked by L2 Think Tank)

Twitter was not too far behind; 74.6% of brands posted on that social platform daily. Facebook also ranked high, with 64.7% of brands tracked by L2 Think Tank posting content daily on the site.

Surprisingly, only 15.9% of brands with Snapchat accounts said they posted content daily, but those that are no Snapchat are using it a lot with an average of 9 posts per day.

This tactic of multiple posts per day on Instagram has to driving user engagement and delivering a positive ROI because when brands are locating to advertise on social networks, they are turning to Instagram first.

social media paltforms and ad dollars


In fact, 72% of US marketers said they were interested in allocating money to Instagram for advertising, according to a September 2015 survey from RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age with Pinterest (41%) and Snapchat (34%) far down the list.


If you post on Instagram, how many times a day/week are you posting?