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Is Your Content Link Worthy?

In Your Content Link Worthy?Most link building conversations revolve around how many links will be acquired and from what sites. But in 2016 I believe that the better question to ask is:

“why is this content link worthy?”

For years, link building companies were never concerned about the quality of the page they were trying to get a link to. Instead of quality go link acquired, it was about quantity of backlinks, mainly acquired through an automated process.

Types of link building tactics that no longer work include generic directories and SEO directories. Article links, especially article blasts where you can push an article in and there’s no editorial review. Guest content, depending on the editorial practices. Press releases, Google you saw penalized links coming from press release websites.

Comment links, for obvious reasons, reciprocal link pages, those got penalized many years ago. Article spinners. Private link networks. You see private and network, or you see network, you should just generally run away. Private blog networks. Paid link networks. Fiverr or forum link buys.

In a recent Whiteboard Friday Rand Fishkin identifies three targeted link building tactics that he believes still work. They are:

  • One-to-one outreach
  • Broadcast to email list, social sharing, PR etc
  • Paid Amplification

For two of the three tactics the quality of the content plays a critical role in the success of the link building program.

The only channel where you can get away with a website that has generic product descriptions, photos, and low quality writing is paid amplification. Or in other words. Paid advertising.

So before hiring a link builder take a look at your existing content and ask yourself “is this content link worthy?” If the answer is no, then your first step should be to hire someone to develop that sort of content.