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Four Out Of Five Marketers Use Social Media To Promote Content

According to a June 2014 poll by OneSpot and The 614 Group, social platforms have become critical distribution channels for marketers.

The survey shows that four out of five marketers cited social sharing as a distribution channel used for content marketing. This is the second-highest percentage of respondents, trailing companies’ own websites.


Unlike the 2013 Skyword survey we discussed in July, the 2014 study by Social@Ogilvy examines what kind of content is shared worldwide.


In terms of what content social users share the most, informative or educational items win with 38% of respondents. Funny or entertaining content ranks a close second with 35% of respondents. No other content type comes close after that, with response rates for the rest falling at 10% or below.

For marketers looking at social networks to amplify their messages, it is clear that they must make their messages informative and educational or funny and entertaining. The latter is generally difficult for companies and brands to pull off, leaving informative and educational as the best option.

That’s where high quality content marketing comes in. With so much noise on social networks these days, content that is not exceptional is not shared.

Marketers must publish with quality in mind. Contact us today about your content marketing and inbound marketing programs.