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How to create link-worthy content | 8 ways to make content linkable

All good websites contain great content. Those with high quality content can attract links naturally.

Quality content + Quality backlinks = Traffic.

However, 90% to 99% of websites are not getting any organic traffic. For good results you must provide relevant links to the website.

Earning backlinks is the most effective way to improve your website. Using data from over 2,000 campaigns and dozens of Fortune 500 companies, these are eight ways that we feel you can develop link worthy content.

Create link worthy content via content marketing

How can I create link-worthy content?

The use of backlinks can improve your SEO efforts. Not only will these tools increase your website’s visibility, it will increase your website traffic. But gaining backlinks from other websites may prove difficult. It’s harder for websites to generate backlinks to highly authoritative websites. This occurs because link building can take some time to complete manually. How can I fix my issue? Content with useful links (for users / sites) that provide valuable info.

For years, link building companies were never concerned about the quality of the page they were trying to get a link to. Instead of quality, the focus was strictly on the quantity of backlinks, mainly acquired through an automated process.

Types of link building tactics that no longer work include generic directories and SEO directories. Article links, especially article blasts where you can push an article in and there’s no editorial review. Guest content, depending on the editorial practices and Press releases. Search engines like Google penalized links coming from press release websites years ago.

Comment links, reciprocal links, article spinners and private link networks don’t offer high quality links.

Quick definition pause.

What is backlink content?

A backlink is the link between two website. ‘

What is link building content?

Link building simply relates to gaining a link from other sites. All businesses need to develop links for their websites.

Several years ago Rand Fishkin was on recent Whiteboard Friday where he identified three targeted link building tactics. I believe that today these three tactics still work. They are:

For two of the three tactics creating link worthy content plays a critical role in the success of any campaign focused on building high quality backlinks.

The only channel where you can get away with a website or blog post that has generic product descriptions, photos, and low quality writing is paid amplification. Or in other words. Paid advertising.

So before hiring a link builder take a look at your existing content and ask yourself “is this content link worthy?” If the answer is no, then your next step should be to hire someone to develop that sort of content.

5 types of Link-Worthy Content to Boost Your BackLinks

The creation of links is difficult. This is the reality. When it comes to building links to your site, it needs constant improvement. There are neither start nor finish dates.

1. Create Evergreen Content

News content has a short shelf life. You might be better off focusing on topics that are more evergreen and will be of interest to your target audience for years to come.

Think of evergreen content as a resource that remains useful and relevant long after it’s published. It rarely changes and is always in-demand with your target audiences (and searchers).

This could be:

2. Start a Podcast

There has been a resurgence in Podcasting over the last 18 months. While it seems that everyone has a podcast, there are only 3.6MM podcasts on Spotify globally, meaning that is still time for you to build a brand via podcasting

A podcast will naturally attract links because every time you interview a guest, they will likely link to your page. This in turn will help you attract relevant links from other industry sites and blog.

If you use a meeting tool like Zoom, you can record the podcast interviews, which can be turned into video content, that can also help you attract links from other sites.

3. Create a Resource Center

In addition to publishing and promoting your content, you have to organize it in a way that will make sense for your target audience as well as new visitors. A content resource center might be the perfect solution for you.

Creating content like guides, case studies, webinars, whitepapers, and checklists is a lot of work. Many website owners would rather link to this type of quality content rather than invest the time creating their own long form content.

4. Expert Roundup

Similar to podcasts, expert roundups are a great way to get links from well-known people in your industry. For example, the Content Marketing Institute produces blog content like the “50 Best Social Media Tools From 50 Most Influential Marketers Online” which is awesome content that is link-worthy (851 backlinks!).

The post features a squad of well-known marketers, using quotes from the marketers.


Instead of the author having to gather all the content himself, he used quotes from these thought-leaders to generate buzz with their name. Naturally, these marketers will share and link back to this article.

5. Add Visual Content

Research has shown that presentations that are accompanied by visual aids have been proven 43 percent more effective. And that of the information that is processed by the brain, 90 percent of it is visual!

Therefore, it not only makes sense, but it’s vital for you to use link worthy content that generates a form of intuitive mental and emotional resonance with your target audience.

Six types of visual content that you can add that will make it more link worthy are:

When properly executed, visual content also gets you more links and your readers will share it more among their peers, which is basically free advertisement for you!

How do I start with link-wise content?

If you’re looking for a content marketing agency that can help you achieve your business goals, contact Braveheart Digital Marketing today. We’ll be happy to discuss your content needs and provide a content strategy that aligns with your overall business goals.


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