LinkedIn: the Number One Network for B2B Marketers

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LinkedIn: the Number One Network for B2B Marketers

In the last couple of years, LinkedIn has transformed from merely a professional networking and job-seeking site to the number one channel for content distribution and amplification in the B2B market according to data recently released by Microsoft.

Some key metrics that Microsoft released about LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Helps You Grow Your Business.

Using LinkedIn to share and amplify content is part of every B2B marketers playbook.

It’s really difficult to be successful on LinkedIn without putting dollars behind your content. That is why 80% of B2B businesses sponsor or boost their content and 96% of marketers using the platform to distribute content.

LinkedIn Helps You Grow Your Business

Importance Of Keeping Your Page Updated

Most companies focus on putting out thought leadership content on LinkedIn. While that is really important, it is really interesting to see this data from LinkedIn.

Brands that post weekly to their LinkedIn page grow 7x faster than companies that post infrequently.

LinkedIn Pages Need to be updated

Advertising On LinkedIn Increases Perception

If you have ever thought that adverting on LinkedIn was expensive or not worth it, this should change your mind. Brands that advertised on LinkedIn saw a 10 to 15 percent rise in short-term sales performance. That is a huge bump!

Advertising on LinkedIn increases brand perception

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