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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

According to a recent Hubspot report, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides the best ROI of any inbound marketing channel

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Why SEO Experience Matters

If you listen to Eric Ward, long-term linking strategist, you can begin to understand how 21+ years of experience makes a difference. In his Q&A Google hangout “Link Building and Linking Strategy”, Eric dissects a Google ranking and a website’s backlink profile. During this brilliant 15-minute section of Eric’s Google hangout, he searches for “Archery [...]

According to Marcus Tober of SearchMetrics, “Eighty-nine percent of sites that ranked seven years ago are not ranking now.” After stating that earlier this year at the Chicago SEJ Summit, Tober elaborated in an interview with Jim Boykin, saying that after he aggregated all domains “that used to have at least one ranking in the [...]

I built my first web site in 1996. In those days I just needed to update a meta keyword tag in order to have a site rank highly in the search engines. Today’s search engine algorithms are very sophisticated and you’ve got to have deep knowledge and well-honed skills to win at SEO. SEO is [...]

When a client says that they want to generate more leads, sales, revenue from their website, the most common tactic is to focus on increasing traffic, whether that is through increasing the PPC and/or social media budgets or adding more content in order to attract more organic search traffic. One option that is often overlooked [...]

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, there are really only two options: pay-per-click (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO). While there are other online marketing channels (social, email, and display), SEO and PPC are likelier to drive large numbers of highly qualified visitors to your website. Of SEO and PPC, which is [...]

Is Your Content Link Worthy?

Most link building conversations revolve around how many links will be acquired and from what sites. But in 2016 I believe that the better question to ask is: “why is this content link worthy?” For years, link building companies were never concerned about the quality of the page they were trying to get a link [...]

How Has Google’s Ad Change Impacted You?

Last month Google shocked advertisers when it announced that it would no longer show ads along the right hand side of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Ad spots 5-9 that used to show on the right rail will now show at the bottom of the SERPs, underneath the final organic results. For many small businesses [...]

An interesting topic came up in the office last week based on a conversation we recently had with a business owner. The business owner remarked that he did not need help with SEO as he “did that” a couple of years ago. This is a common response that we run into far too often. SEO, [...]

Have We Seen the End of SEO Copywriting?

It’s an interesting question. Is SEO copywriting dead? It’s something my wife and I discussed over the weekend. Type in “SEO copywriting” in Google, and Google’s Featured Snippet will state that “SEO copywriting refers to the art of writing copy that ranks well in search. SEO copywriting is relatively easy to do (if you have [...]

Several high ranking SEO people in big agencies have recently opinionated that content marketing has replaced link building and that link building services are no longer necessary. With 2016 in mind, I don’t think these agencies could be any more wrong. Google recently announced the release of its newest algorithm called RankBrain. In Bloomberg Business, [...]